Tara Simmons

Spilt Milk

Spilt Milk

Spilt Milk is Tara Simmons first full length album and includes the track When You Say That I Don't Care About You as featured on Triple J.


Some artists are dedicated traditionalists, while others are a creative law into themselves; Brisbane-through-Blue Mountains chanteuse Tara Simmons definitely falls into the latter category. A Q Song finalist in 2006 and All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane soundtrack contributor, the long-awaited Spilt Milk is a warm, yet strikingly original debut – the Tori Amos/Fiona Apple/Bjork references don’t apply here because Tara sounds nothing like any of the three sirens while displaying her own, distinctive gift in spades.

Being a long-standing choral pop enthusiast, this reviewer couldn’t go past the fact how intricate yet organic the vocal and instrumental arrangements are: sublime is the word. The instantly memorable opener We Are wouldn’t sit out of place on a Cinematic Orchestra album, its deep bassline and syncopated drums carrying the plaintive melody; the track’s harmonies, however, are something else (I dare the listener not to miss the 3:10 mark).

When You Say I Don’t Care About You and Domino are just as hummable, while the moving Meet In The Middle comes across as a most disarmingly fragile, “I’ve-been-hurt” ballad this side of Emiliana Torrini’s Heartstopper and the strings-accompanied You And Me is a testament to Tara’s ability to transform a relatively simple tune into a slice of prime Brian Wilson delight. The two last songs – the skittering Silent and lullaby-like The Worst Of It – respectively tinkle and soothe. Brisbane’s got talent, and Simmons proves there’s no question about it.



Rave Magazine

Release Date:
Feburary, 2009
Track Listing:
1. We Are
2. When You Say That I Don’t Care About You
3. Everything But The Kitchen Sink
4. Shake
5. Domino
6. Meet In The Middle
7. You And Me
8. Long After The Boy
9. Silent
10. The Worst Of It