Tara Simmons

We’re All Scared

We’re All Scared

“Hold my hand, you will be fine”
We’ve been told all of our lives
Like cotton wool beneath our feet
to watch ourselves

You can’t be telling
Underneath we’re all scared
You can’t help feeling
So many of us are unprepared

It’s in our books, but which do we read
We’ll chose what we need to believe
We’ll have stories upon

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Where do we begin?

You can’t be telling
Underneath we’re all scared
You can’t help feeling
So many of us are unprepared

Could we be so brave
Without fear or shame
We have doubt without a doubt
We have what we have for now

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Where Do You Go

Bring your courage back
There is nothing I am after
I’d just love to know
Tell me do you ever wonder
As long as we are here
And we’re hiding in the open
Well, open up to me
And I promise only grace

Tell me where do you go
Tell me where are you going to go
In this town that we know
In this town that we both know we know

Tell me where do you go
Tell me where are you going to go
In these streets that we know
In these streets that we both know we know

Make a space for me
I don’t want you to forget me
You had written words
I have evidence you left here
And maybe it is true
That we’re more than we could handle
But it’s always up to you
And it’s always much too soon

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Honey don’t you know so much about me
You steal away the words that I can’t say

You know that I’d be lost

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without you
You know that I’d be lost without you

Honey I will grieve the day you leave me
but I know exactly why you cannot stay

you know that I’d be lost without you
you know that I am lost without you

Honey do you think in time you’ll need me
Will I fill the hole that makes you so inspired

I don’t know who I could trust without you
I don’t know who I could trust without you

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Be Gone

So much blame, with our heart
The beast that it generic viagra canada is
Light and dark, right from where to buy viagra the start
Led you to the end

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No give, no receive
A photo here, a phone call there
No need to believe

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Now please be gone
It don’t take this long
Now please be gone

Your innocence, it’s laughable
Make no mistake
Spirit crushed, interrupt
The ghost of your pain

Now please be gone
Now please be gone
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Now please be gone

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Rosemary, take it from me you’re out of line
All these things you’re saying are going to get you in strife
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Rosemary, you’ll get old as you know
Do you cialis without doctor wonder

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wear can i buy viagra But it’s like watching the seas part in time with your stride.

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