Tara Simmons

Long player sessions // portishead dummy

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One Response to “Long player sessions // portishead dummy”

  1. BC

    Hey, just had to say what a great gig that was last night.
    I was concerned the whole Long Play thing might be the ultimate “COVER” story where no interpretation was allowed.
    But you and your band stayed true to the original yet still made the songs yours.

    Such a tight (but relaxed) rhythm section, sublime strings and your voice was beautiful, strong & True.

    Re. the interesting (and slightly sad) acoustic guitar disaster…I am CERTAIN this was what exactly happened during the recording of Dummy….in fact I seem to recall there was a special japanese release with a hidden track where we hear precisely what you “recreated” onstage.
    Soooo, clearly you really did go to great lengths to reproduce the Portishead experience didnt you?!

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