Tara Simmons

Album Number Two

This week I headed back to the studio to begin the recording of my next album. The studio we’ve been tracking at is called The Recording Oasis in Tallebudgera Valley, just near Currumbin. It is such an incredible place, with a Steinway grand, Hammond C3 cialis pharmacy running through a Leslie speaker and a Rhodes, plus plenty of other vintage gear and instruments. It also has it’s own accommodation, a great in-house engineer by the name of Jake Welsh and mississippi board of pharmacy a 25 metre lap pool with a flying fox over the top of it which I’ve managed to sprain my ankle on because I’m a bit of an imbicile.

During the writing of this album I was really inspired by the sound on albums such as El Perro Del Mar’s Love Is Not Pop and Lykke Li’s Youth Novels. Having access to all these instrument and equipment is a dream come true as far as how I envisage the outcome of the songs I have written. We’ve tracked all the drums, percussion and bass and now we’re working on the vocals, viagra cialis from canada synths, organs, keys and guitars. At the end of the week we move the rest of the process to Yanto Browning’s studio who is the producer of this record.

I’m pretty crap at waiting for stuff like this to be complete so hopefully it won’t take too long before I franchise viagra snl can start to show and tell but we are predicting a release around August at this point in time.

Chris, who drums for me took some photographs while we cheap viagra 100mg were tracking so I thought it would be nice to share some.

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